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Cappadocia, a beautiful dream every season, with Karpaten Tourism


Great lover of Turkey as a destination, it is really surprising that visiting this country, several times a year, I have not reached the famous Cappadocia so far. But it happened this early spring, at the invitation of the tour operator Karpaten Tourism, on which occasion I checked 2 premieres: for the first time in Cappadocia and the first trip with Karpaten Tourism. And they were both dreaming.

Many of you have asked me what this circuit entails, how much it costs and what recommendations I make while traveling. So let's take them one at a time.

The circuit, organized by Karpaten Turism, takes place almost all year round, so you have the chance to discover Cappadocia every season and I guarantee you that every time it is amazing. If you think that in the cold season it could be uncomfortable or too cold, well I assure you that the image of the relief in Cappadocia under the snow, is so beautiful that the degrees in the thermometer don't matter anymore.

The Turkey-Cappadocia Circuit Package has as departure cities: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Bacau, Iasi, Craiova, Suceava

The circuit schedule is as follows:

Optional meals and excursions can be added.

Day 1. Bucharest - Antalya
Check-in and boarding at Bucharest Otopeni Airport to Antalya. Transfer and accommodation in the Antalya area at the 4 * hotel.

Day 2. Antalya - Cappadocia
Breakfast. Departure to Konya, the place of origin of the Sufi mystics, called "Rotating Dervishes" due to their famous technique of spinning as a form of remembrance of the Divine in a Sama ceremony. It crosses the picturesque area of the Taurus Mountains and the Anatolian steppe. In the evening, accommodation in the Cappadocia area at a 4 * hotel.

Day 3. Cappadocia
Breakfast. Visit the Göreme National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known for its high formations and impressive caves, being one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Byzantine world. Optionally, you can also visit the Göreme Open-Air Museum *. Photo stop at the natural stone fortress of Uçhisar, the highest point in Cappadocia, and visit one of the impressive underground labyrinthine "cities" with churches and houses carved in stone. In the evening, return to the hotel in the Cappadocia area.
Day 4. Cappadocia
Breakfast. In the first part of the day you visit a winery, where you can taste local wines. In the afternoon, visit a traditional weaving mill to discover the art of handicraft. In the evening, return to the hotel in the Cappadocia area.

Day 5. Cappadocia - Antalya
Breakfast. Departure to Antalya. Stop at the imposing Selgiuc caravanserai in the Konya Valley, built in the 15th century. In the honor of Sultan Alaeddin Kayqubad. In the evening, accommodation in the Antalya area at a 4 * hotel.

Day 6. Antalya
Breakfast. City tour in Antalya, the iconic city on the Turkish Riviera. Visit the yacht harbor, the old town and the famous minaret - a symbol of the city, Yivli Minare. Visit to a jewelry store and a leather goods store. Free time for shopping. In the afternoon, visit the impressive Karpuzkaldiran waterfall. In the evening, accommodation in the Antalya area at a 4 * hotel.

Day 7. Antalya - Manavgat *
Breakfast. Optional boat trip on the Manavgat River *, with lunch included and a stop at a fine sandy beach. In the evening, return to the hotel in the Antalya area.

Day 8. Antalya - Bucharest
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for check-in and boarding to Bucharest Otopeni.

Included services:

1 hold baggage and 1 hand luggage

Tourist assistance in Romanian

Accommodation 7 nights in double rooms in 4 * hotels


Airport taxes

Transport by bus throughout the circuit

Bucharest Antalya transport and return

Optional services:

Premium package (5 lunches, all entrances to tourist attractions) 99 euros per person

Half board supplement (7 dinner buffet), 109 euros per person.

Breakfast is included and I recommend you to buy both the Premium Package and the half board supplement.

Because you will have dinner at the hotel where you are staying, this way you avoid travel and extra expenses. Lunch will be served at restaurants in the area, during trips.

Also in the optional chapter are the tourist objectives, not included in the package.

Here I am referring first of all to the hot air balloon flight, which purchased in a group, definitely reduces its price. Depending on the group and the season, the balloon ride purchased by you may be well below the displayed price.

Also in the optional chapter, I recommend the Rotating Dervishes ceremony. This is not a show but a religious ceremony, so applause is not allowed. It is something unique, a different approach to religion and it is worth attending such an event. At the exit with 5-10 euros you can buy a souvenir that will remind you over time of this unique ceremony.

I also recommend the Turkish evening, it is extraordinary. A show of traditional, Turkish dances, the wedding ceremony, oriental dances, all these will introduce you to an extraordinary atmosphere. Dance, take photos and live the moment to the fullest!

Last but not least, I recommend off-road in the snow, in the cold season or Jeep Safari in the fairytale landscape of Cappadocia. It is a very beautiful experience, the cars are safe, where you can also have extraordinary landscapes and a glass of champagne in the highest point of Cappadocia, Panorama Uchisar.

In Antalya, you will visit fur and leather factories and jewelry, so you can buy very beautiful things at low prices. Negotiate until you reach the desired price, and in the case of gold, do not forget that the best investment in these uncertain times, is the investment in gold and precious stones. You can, for example, replace your old jewelry with new ones on the spot, with the advantage that over the years you can return them to the factory at exactly the price at which they were purchased.

At the fur and leather goods factory, the prices on the label are high to have a benchmark from which to start negotiations. Don't be afraid to say exactly how much you want to spend on that product. We were offered a 70% discount from the start so you can get a very good price.

Last but not least, you can opt for a boat trip on the Manavgat River. I recommend this relaxing trip, where you see the place where the Manavgat River flows into the sea and you go to a beautiful sandy beach and open sea. It is the place where the boats anchor and you can serve lunch, at your choice of fish or chicken, according to your preference. It was a great pleasure to sail on the Manavgat River again, especially since the movement is done in a dance rhythm, so the boat ride is both relaxing and fun.

The updated rates for options can be consulted at the Karpaten Turism agency, especially as they may vary depending on the number of people registered.

The hotels in the program are beautiful, comfortable and have delicious food. At all the hotels in the circuit we found beautiful, clean rooms, breakfast and dinner buffet, varied and tasty.

The important thing is that Goreme National Park, the heart of Cappadocia, is included in the circuit program so you will all get to see the relief forms of Cappadocia in all their splendor, and the guide will give you all the necessary explanations. Our guide was Cengiz, a Turk from Istanbul who settled in Antalya and studied in Romania so that he speaks the Romanian language very well. He explains nicely to everyone, he also tells jokes in the bus, he will delight you with Turkish music and he will handle any situation.

Included in the program is a visit to the carpet factory, where you can buy a carpet on the spot, even if you do not have money ready for such a thing. The prices are very good, you can make installments, you can leave an advance and the desired carpet will be delivered home in Romania, without paying the transport. Here you will find natural, ecological carpets, real legacies that can be left to the descendants, because they are valuable at any time.

And the visit to the Winery is included and interesting because you can taste and buy pomegranate wine (my favorite), blackberry wine, melon wine, special varieties that you will not find elsewhere.

The rates depend on the month in which you perform the circuit, starting from 199 euros per person, in April, reaching 269 -289 euros after April 15 and in May, 299 euros in June and the first part of July, then 299 euros per person until September, when the price drops again to 259-229 euros until October.

Details and reservations here and keep an eye on Karpaten Tourism for the offers that appear along the way:


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