I am Diana Mariș Costea

TV Presenter
Tourism promoter
Diana Mariș Costea

I am a Television Journalist with over 18 years of experience in Television and over 7 years of experience in TV and Social Media Tourism promotion.

I have a tourism show, I have taken dozens of interviews and I have done dozens of reports and materials for Social Media in tourism, thus combining my profession as a Producer and a Television Presenter with my greatest passion, travel 🌍

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5 reasons to choose a holiday in Northern Cyprus
Northern Cyprus is a hybrid destination between the beauty of nature in Greece and the perfect hospitality in Turkey. A top destination in the offer of the most dynamic tour operator on the Romanian tourism market: Soley Tour. After a dream week spent here, I show you why your 2022 vacation, can be perfect in Northern Cyprus.
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5 reasons to choose a holiday in Northern Cyprus
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