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Why to visit Prislop Monastery in winter?


Prislop Monastery, the place of Arsenie Boca's tomb, is an important place of pilgrimage and prayer. It gives you excitement in any season, but in winter when it is covered by snow it simply has a special glow.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Prislop Monastery in the winter

1. Going to the monastery and visiting it in winter is more difficult due to the weather conditions. But this is exactly the beauty of this visit for the soul. The road to the coast that leads to Arsenie Boca’s grave is an effort, a sacrifice you make for your faith. A tribute that you pay dearly, because you know the way of faith is not comfort but effort.

2.There are fewer pilgrims and you don't have to wait to get to the grave. Every time I went in the winter, I couldn't find any queues. Queues can only appear on important holidays, but even then, they are small.

3. If you come by car, you can easily find a place in the parking that is in front of the monastery. Look for one without icing, because you have the choice. Be careful in the courtyard of the monastery for snow and frost deposits. Go carefully and pay attention to elderly people who are having difficulty moving, give them a helping hand

4. You have the opportunity to take wonderful photos. 

Covered with snow, from any angle, the monastery offers you a dream view.

5. If you come in the winter, you will surely buy a souvenir that will mark the end of your year, remembering your faith, and it is a wonderful way to end the year, thanking God. If you come at the beginning of the year, buy a calendar that will remind you each month of the monastery and your connection with God.

Prislop Monastery is 13 km from Hateg.

Admission to Prislop Monastery is free throughout the year.

The visiting schedule at Prislop Monastery is daily, between 8.00 - 20.00.

Those looking for accommodation at Prislop Monastery can find pensions and  hotels, whose accommodation prices for a double room starts at 20 euros and can arrive, depending on the requirements and preferences , at 40-50 euros per night.

Small history:

The Prislop Monastery was founded by Saint Nicodemus the Saint between 1399-1405. In the 16th century, the monastery was restored by Mrs. Zamfira, daughter of Moise Vodă Basarab from Bucharest, the second founder of the monastery. During the reign of Mrs. Zamfira, the church was adorned with a new painting.

One of the monks who lived here in the 16th century retired above the monastery where he dug a cave in the rock and there led a special ascetic life. He was canonized by the Romanian Orthodox Church in 1992; it is known as Saint Pious John of Prislop, and his cave, called the "House of the Saint", is a place of pilgrimage.

In the autumn of 1948, the Metropolitan of Transylvania, Nicolae Bălan, brought to Prislop the hieromonk Arsenie Boca for the revival of the monastery in spiritual and material aspect. After 1948, all the construction and beautification works in the monastery were either carried out personally by Father Arsenie, or according to his drawings and instructions. Therefore,  Arsenie Boca is considered the third founder of the Prislop Monastery.

The tomb of Arsenie Boca is located in the cemetery of Prislop Monastery, a short distance from the cave of Saint John of Prislop.

At his grave at the Prislop Monastery in the country of Hateg,, hundreds and even thousands of pilgrims perish daily.

And because it is a nunnery, visited by a large number of women from the country and abroad,  I made a short video for you with a message for the christian women.

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