12-03-2021 , Romania

Italy and Turkey, 2021 destinations from Arad city


The year  2021 came with good news from Arad International Airport.

From June 4, the flights to Forli in Italy start, every Monday and Friday.

The flights are operated by the Greek company Lumiwings and the cost of a ticket starts from 45 euros per way, price which includes cabin and hold luggage up to 23 kilograms, but also catering on board.

The summer destination remains Antalya, Turkey, where this year we have 3 tour-operators that organize vacations.

Tez Tour will depart on Monday, from 16.50 and on Friday, from 18.

Prestige Tours and Christian Tour have the same plane, that will take off every Thursday from 11 o'clock.

Prestige Tours and Christian Tour will have their first flight on June 3, while the last flight to Antalya is scheduled for September 23.

 Tez Tour will start the Arad-Antalya flights from June 10, and will end this season, on September 20.

The management of Arad Airport maintains this year, the facility of free parking inside the airport.

I hosted on TV Arad an interesting TV Show about the flights of 2021.

My guest, the general manager of Arad International Airport, Mr. Ovidiu Mosneag spoke to me about the difficulties faced by the institution, about the blockages in Bucharest but also about the efforts to modernize the airport.

You can watch the TV Show on TV Arad but also here:

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