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Yacht stays, the new trend on the Romanian holiday market


The number of Romanians looking for other holiday option than the classic hotel vacation, is growing. Many have begun to understand that a vacation on a yacht is possible even if you are not the owner of such a luxury boat. You can spend 7 nights at sea, in a unique, fascinating and safe experience, at the price of a vacation in a luxury hotel in Turkey. From here starts the concept of Bodrum Yacht Experience promoted by the largest media campaign in tourism from Romania, by the newest tour operator on the national market: Soley Tour

 Dynamic and good connoisseurs of the Romanian tourism market, Erdinc Adali and Ionut Nedea, owners of Soley Tour, offer Romanians incredible yacht offers for the 2021 season, thus giving them the chance to spend a sensational vacation, totally different from what they have tried so far.

Yacht vacations are the new trend on the Romanian holiday market due to the excellent value for money.

In the yacht vacations offered by Soley Tour, the price does not exceed that of an all-inclusive holiday in Antalya for example, but the experience is totally different.

What does a yacht vacation mean? It means days and nights spent at sea where the sea air is fresh and clean as well as stops in authentic villages and towns. It means that you are with your family or friends on a luxury boat where the captain guides your itinerary, you have chefs and waiters who serve you fresh and delicious meals in dreamy landscapes, (being otherwise incredible discreet), you have luxury cabins which can rival the chic 5-star rooms, you have private parties at sea under the night sky and beach days at incredible beaches, where the sea has an unreal blue-green. It also means shopping in various resorts or local bazaars, enjoying snacks and refreshments at restaurants and taverns in the area and exploring the surroundings.

What is a Gulet?

The construction of yachts in Bodrum, the yacht holiday destination promoted by Soley Tour, developed the concept of the luxury sailboat, built of pine wood, with the reliability of the ships that sailed thousands of years across the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. On Gulet vessels you have comfort and safety, being luxurious boats.

The deck is specially designed with a large and elegant open space for dining, and the space in the front is the ideal place to laze in the sun. As an advantage of these boats, the lounge and the kitchen are separated from the passenger cabins, urging to parties until late at night without disturbing the crew which is visible only when meals are served, otherwise tourists enjoy privacy.

The yachts are equipped with luxury cabins that have their own bathroom, shower and elegant storage spaces.

As a capacity, yachts can accommodate from 4 to 20 people, plus the crew and a cook. All Soley Tour boat vacations offers full board, and the chefs prepare Turkish and international cuisine.

Most celebrities from Romania ever gathered on yachts!

Unforgettable days and nights were spent by Romanian stars, journalists and travel bloggers invited by Soley Tour in Bodrum Yacht Experience. They took advantage of the sea, the sun, luxury boats, beautiful places, delicious food. I interviewed many of them, in a very nice reportage, made together with the team I work for years on the travel segment, my colleagues Aurelian Licoi and Andrei Alexe from Digital Passion Constanta.

Jo, Bella Santiago, Liviu Vârciu, Axinte, former member of the band Vacanta Mare, Andreea Balan, Elena Ionescu (Mandinga), Amna, Adina Buzatu, Adina Halas are part of the many celebrities who had fun with Soley Tour in a 5-star vacation on yachts.

"I felt like a millionaire," Bella Santiago said after the Yacht Experience in the interview taken by our team and hosted by the luxurious lobby of the NG Phaselis Bay Hotel.

Statements of celebrities, bloggers and television people, accessing this link:


The best yacht vacation offers comes from Soley Tour

 ‘Luxury Holidays Turkey, Bodrum Yacht Experience’ is the offer promoted by Soley Tour this summer and includes weekly departures from Bucharest by Tarom charter plane, every Saturday, until 12.09 2021.

Services included: plane transport on the route Bucharest-Bodrum-Bucharest, airport taxes, 1 hold luggage maximum 20 kg +1 hand luggage maximum 8 kilograms, transfer Airport-Yacht-Airport, accommodation 7 nights on yacht with full board, port taxes, water, soft drinks and snacks throughout the day.

The price of the yacht vacation offer is for minimum 15 people, Standard Yacht 508-120.

More information here:


The best yacht vacation offers comes from Soley Tour, from 923 euro/ person/7 nights vacation.

Photos and the video with me showing the cabin, was made in Bodrum Yacht Experince by Soley Tour, in June 2021.

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