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Northern Cyprus, Bafra
3 types of rooms at Limak Deluxe IN Northern Cyprus! Which one do you choose?
Limak Deluxe Cyprus is definitely one of the best hotels in Northern Cyprus and the hotel in the first place in my preferences after the 4th visit to this wonderful island. Limak Deluxe Cyprus definitely had very skilled architects, the whole hotel being a combination of classic and modern elements, decorated with good taste and finesse for details. Besides its elegant interiors and refined cuisine, the hotel delights the guests with the huge Infinity pools, arranged one above, at the end of which is the beautiful beach with golden sand. It is the only hotel where you can go underwater from one pool to another, reaching practically another level of height, which was undoubtedly a challenge for architects. This time I set out to present you 3 types of rooms, these being kindly presented to me by the hotel management. No matter which room you decide on, all are beautifully decorated with quality materials, are very spacious, comfortable, modern.
Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia
Acapulco Resort Convention & SPA, a relaxing holiday hotel in North Cyprus
The Acapulco Hotel in Northern Cyprus has a special place in my soul. It is a place full of soothing energy that has always given me a state of joy and optimism. I visited it several times and each time I enjoyed coming back. I like to watch the sunset from the infinity pool located above the sea, to listen to the waves on the wide beach with golden sand, to taste the very good and varied traditional dishes, to feel the unique scent that floats everywhere in this hotel.
Northern Cyprus, Famagusta
Salamis Bay Conti Hotel & Casino, in Northern Cyprus, good value for money, through Soley Tour
Salamis Bay Conti Hotel & Casino 5 * is the hotel I visited every time I was in Northern Cyprus and on my most recent trip with Soley Tour, I stayed here for 2 days. It was an excellent opportunity to notice the hospitality of the hotel, the large and comfortable rooms, the particularly tasty and varied food, with a multitude of cakes and pies, the beach with fine sand and gold and newer, the private beach with pavilions that I had not seen in other years.