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4 external trips in the pandemic year 2020


I made 4 external trips in 2020 a difficult year, in which I was terrified of the possibility of infection with SARS-Cov2 followed by the lockdown. In February I went to the Romanian Tourism Fair, spring edition, so I had big plans with trips in 2020.

 Locked in the house until May, I had not lost hope that I would travel. But  it happened! 

Immediately after June 15, when Romania opened its borders, I left for Greece. I could only travel to northern Greece, because the planes had not yet taken off for the islands. I didn't need a COVID test, I was among the lucky ones who went through Kulata customs in 10 minutes both to and from. Greece with few tourists seemed wonderful to me. I stayed in Paralia Katerini where they spoke everywhere only in Romanian. On the beach, as many places as you wanted despite the crowds at certain times. Good and cheap food everywhere. The Greeks adapted to the pandemic and cut prices well at the beginning of the season. I stayed at the hotel of a family I had met a year earlier. Very nice and welcoming, I felt great. I will come back with an article and a video about the hotel. 

Then I went on a press trip to Turkey, surrounded by journalists and bloggers. We visited the Marmaris area and felt great. The very good organization gave us the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant. There were days of filming but also days with free program. We met with the local authorities, the hoteliers, I made some friends. In short, it was wonderful. I entered and left Turkey without a COVID test and without any problems. 

By the end of the year I returned to Turkey twice more, also in Marmaris and I felt excellent. I started together with the hotel chains TURUNC and ORKA to work on more videos for the site. They are excellent hoteliers and I have no emotion in recommending them to Romanians. 

I was at TV Arad at all important moments, even if I worked a lot at home. The important thing is that we have established a new TV show project, through which Romanians can see hotels abroad, exactly as they will find them this year. 

So 2020 was a good year for me, in terms of travel. But I traveled with great caution. FPP2 and FPP3 masks were not missing from my luggage and there were ‘risky’ situations. Not in Greece and Turkey, but on the way back, here in Romania. We are not a disciplined people at all, so on my return from abroad, I imposed, on my own initiative, a few days of self-isolation.

But about that, on another occasion! 

Below is a video with the most successful transitions from 2020.

Diana Maris Costea
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