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Bulgaria’s Attractions: Damascena Rose Factory


The Valley of Roses, located in central Bulgaria, between the Balkan Mountains and the Sredna Gora Mountains, is famous for its vast fields, cultivated with roses that have a flowering period from May to June. At the end of June, after the roses are harvested, numerous holidays, shows and festivals take place with the central theme, the rose flower.

 Rosa Damascena or Damascus Rose, especially the Trigintipetala variety, known as the Kazanlâk rose, with a very persistent smell, which was imported from Turkey, was massively cultivated in the Valley of Roses to produce the essence of roses.

The history of the Damascus Rose began in the 13th century, when a Turkish judge brought the precious rose from Damascus. Thus, on large areas of land, the Damascus Rose was cultivated, famous for its unique essence used in the processing of cosmetics for body maintenance, true therapies for the distinguished ladies of the time.

 The story of the rose factory began in 1991. Damascene was practically the first private rose oil distillery in Bulgaria, thus carrying on the tradition of growing roses in Bulgaria.

 Inside the Complex there is the factory that processes the essence of the rose, two shops with organic products made here from the essence of the Damascus rose, an ethnographic museum with different exhibits from the 15th century. VII and VIII, a restaurant with specific dishes and 4 terraces-restaurant.

The Damascena complex is divided into several sectors, from the wooden boilers where the oil is produced, to a promenade among the green alleys where you can see some black and white swans, the amphitheater with rose gardens the main attraction of the place, a shop with products made of rose oil and a terrace where you can dine in a beautiful setting and a fragrant air.

The wooden boilers are housed in a building at the entrance, whose walls have been painted in cheerful colors, the frescoes representing scenes that give way to the path of roses until they are transformed into oil.

Here a guide of the complex will explain to you what the manufacturing process is and will give you interesting data about the complex.

The alley that leads to the amphitheater with roses is pleasant to walk, cross the bridge of a stream, in a wonderful setting.

The amphitheater represents the paradise of roses in any season but especially in the period May-June when the roses have a flowering period. It is an open, fragrant and multicolored space, from which you cannot leave without taking photos with thousands of roses.

Before or after visiting the amphitheater you can stop at the store with rose oil products.

Damascena Complex is the largest manufacturer of high quality cosmetics in Bulgaria, the products being exported worldwide.

 The products, whether we are talking about cosmetics or jams, are of a high quality and you have the guarantee that they are made from pure rose oil. Here you can find a variety of products from shower gels to creams, rose waters and lotions.

The meal can be served outdoors, the dishes being delicious and at decent prices.

 Lemonade with mint and roses is special and I recommend you try it with baklava with rose oil.

 Romanians visit the Damascena complex every year, being delighted by the unique moments spent among thousands of roses, smelling the fresh and sweet air and having the opportunity to take amazing photos in a natural setting.

Access to the complex costs 12 Leva / person and the route from Bucharest is to Giurgiu - - Ruse - Byala - Veliko Tranovo - Gabrovo - Gurcovo - Kazanlâk.

 Video and photos taken on the occasion of my visit to the Damascena Ethnographic Complex, at the invitation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

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