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Bulgaria’s attractions: Nessebar


The city of  Nessebar in Bulgaria is located on a peninsula 850 m long and 350 m wide, being one of the oldest settlements in Europe, built on the ancient ruins of the Thracian fortress Mesambria meaning "the city of Melsa".

The name probably belongs to the founder of this settlement and was given by the Greeks who colonized the city in 510 AD. The ruins still pervade the modern city, giving it a special charm.

The old center always full of people is a combination between the remains of the fortress, shops, restaurants, terraces located above the beach and of course the promenade to the sea.

The architecture of the city impresses with its series of white houses with red roofs surrounded by flowers, fishing boats, romantic alleys, ancient places but also beautiful churches that are worth visiting.

Nessebar’s beach are some of the most praised in the whole of the Bulgarian coast, being said to have the finest sand of the beaches on the Black Sea.

The city is privileged by its southern position, which brings a mild climate and a longer tourist season than in other resorts in Bulgaria, in Nessebar tourists are present until October.

Basically there are 2 main beaches: the one that connects the city with the Sunny Beach resort and the one that is south to the Ifa hotels. In the middle is the peninsula that hosts the old town, the central meeting point for tourists.

The city offers multiple possibilities for accommodation in villas and hotels.

In the old town, the houses with traditional architecture have been modernized and transformed into hotels, some of them being even luxury hotels. Festa Panorama, Hotel Sol Nessebar Bay and Mare, Hotel Sol Nessebar Palace, Hotel MPM Arsena, Hotel Sol Marina Palace are the most popular hotels in Nessebar with direct access to the beach. The prices, at Hotel Festa Panorama, for example 7 nights with all inclusive for 2 adults in a double  room, in august  costs around 550 euro. Usually Romanians travel to Nessebar individually or by charter bus.

Nessebar is located about 120 km from Balchik, a destination known and loved by Romanians.

* Video and photos taken in August 2021 on the occasion of the trip to Bulgaria, at the invitation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

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