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Bulgaria’s attractions: Veliko Tarnovo


Veliko Tarnovo is an important administrative, cultural, historical and touristic center of Bulgaria, a picturesque settlement, loved by Romanians. Its traditional houses, the streets that still keep the image of the old lattice, the shops where you can find hand-made things and unique products, the restaurants with a superb view, all are enough reasons to visit this beautiful settlement with Thracian origins.

The name of the city is related to the Slavic word "tern" or "tower" (throne), and over the years it was transformed into Ternov, Turnov, Tur-nov, Turnovgrad, Turnovo, and later into Veliko Turnovo, being called "Veliko "(Great) because of its size and beauty.

Veliko Tarnovo is the city with the most glorious historical past in Bulgaria, preserving until today a rich history, counting over 140 important monuments, the city being suitable for cultural tourism, fauna and thermal waters nearby being suitable for medical and spa tourism. .

The wine complexes of Lyaskovetz, Suhindol, Karaysen and Svishtov are excellent for wine tourism while the communes Elena, Zlublica, Strazhitza and Pavlikenisunt are dedicated to rural tourism.

All this makes Veliko Tarnovo an important "symbol" of Bulgaria, and statistics indicate that the city and the region are among the top 10 most visited tourist destinations in Eastern Europe.

The city located 120 meters above sea level is the center of one of the 28 administrative districts of the country. Veliko District includes 10 municipalities with 14 cities and 322 villages.

I visited it on a hot summer day, when I took shelter from the heat in the shade of the terraces and in the souvenir shops where you can find all kinds of interesting things. We had lunch at Shtastliveca Restaurant, which besides the tasty food and the beauty of the arrangement offers you a splendid panorama over the city.

In the little time spent in the region, I was accommodated at  a luxury agro-touristik complex , Arbanashki Hanourism , to my taste, with lots of greenery, comfortable rooms, swimming pool and delicious food .

Basically, the hotel complex is a cultural monument based on a traditional 17th century country house, with a garden. Arbanashki Han includes 2 buildings: the traditional house and a new hotel.

All rooms have a combination of rustic decor and modern decorative elements being cool and comfortable on hot summer days. The hotel has a traditional tavern with fireplaces where traditional Bulgarian cuisine is served, but you can also dine al fresco in the garden.

Both inside the traditional house and in the new hotel there are modern restaurants very nicely decorated. Also, the swimming pool, located in a dream setting is an attraction for tourists, who spend unforgettable moments here.

Arbanashki Han is 200 meters from the Church of the Nativity. The village includes many monuments from the 17th and 18th centuries, including monasteries and churches. Veliko Tarnovo is 4 km away.

Photos and video taken in August 2021 on my trip to Veliko Tarnovo, at the invitation of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

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