Turkey, Belek/Antalya
Unforgettable vacation at Kaya Palazzo, in Luxury Lagoon Suites
Kaya Palazzo is the resort where I felt great every time, whether I just visited it for filming or spent wonderful days and nights here.
Turkey, Kemer/Antalya
See what the newest hotel in Antalya looks like!
In the Business & Pleasure Infotrip organized by Soley Tour, in April 2021, I visited the newest hotel in Antalya, where the works were still in full swing.
Turkey, Belek
Granada Luxury Belek Hotel
The hotel looks great and I am sure that a vacation here, even with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, can only be a success.
Turkey, Marmaris
Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace, holiday option in 2021
Turkey, Marmaris
Green Nature Diamond from Marmaris, holiday option in 2021
If I visited some hotels in Marmaris in the summer of 2020 for the 3rd or even the 4th time, I saw the Green Nature Diamond Hotel for the first time on a sunny day in October last year.